Solve the frequently asqued questions about our app “Learn to read Spanish with Grin”.

A method for kids from 3 to 6 years old, to learn to read Spanish with phonics for tablets and smartphones.

It is divided into 30 lessons, starting with vowels and following L, M, S, T, P, N, D, F, HC, Q, CH, G, GUE, R, – RR-, R, B, V, G, J, GE, GUE, Y, Z, CE, LL, X, K.

Each lesson contains 11 interactive games to learn to read syllables, words and simple sentences, all available in 2 different levels. It is a complex application with many options that should be configured to be adapted to the user.

What options does the home screen has?
From left to right, top to bottom:
★ Play expanding screen.
★ Background music on/off.
Settings and Parents zone: a restricted access zone to modify the account, to know more about the app, achievements and reports of users and social networks.
Avatar: to set up the players, (up to 3 different) which can be personalized with name and clothing. To do this, you have to be registered.
★ Sing along in Spanish with Grin (microphone).
★ Access purchase -shopping cart button- (after entering a code for adults).

What lessons are FREE?
You can play for free the first two lessons: vowels and the letter L.

  • Without doing anything, you can access the first games: dolphin, balloons, clouds and crabs.
  • To access more 3 games and customize their avatars, you must create an account with an email and password. By clicking above the gray avatar, it will take you to the Login screen where you’ll be asked for an email and password (you can change it later from Parent Zone).
  • To play with the other activities of these lessons, you must confirm the email (by clicking on the link in the email that we sent you).

The rest of the 30 lessons must be purchased from the main screen by clicking on the “shopping cart button”.

If I have two devices, Can I get the application on both?

Yes, if you purchase from a device, you can download and restore the purchase in another device, if both use the same ID (identifier) for the purchases, that means the same email address and password for the app Store.
Teaching Guide
A presentation with tips for getting the most out of the application at the time that your little ones learn to read. We’d love to hear your opinion on the application and how you do it.

What options are on the screen of a Mission?

Each mission (the tikis statues), has some important buttons at the left side (top to bottom):
★ Check the progress of the selected letter.
★ Set the following specific options of the current player:

1. The font:

By clicking on the round button modifies font: uppercase, lowercase or cursive handwriting.
FONT ON: The button is active and anyone can click on it and change it.
FONT OFF: the adult leaves the button inaccessible (gray) with a font already selected.

The default is gray (inaccessible), but you can access configuration and activate it.
– AUTO ACTIVATED: automatic, that is,after a number of exercises set, it will automatically go to the next game.
– AUTO DISABLED: in this case it is the player who decides which game to enter and when to exit from each game.
AUTO ON: The button becomes active and anyone can click on it and change it.
AUTO OFF: means inaccessible (gray); an adult sets the desired option and the child can’t change it.

How is the level of a game changed?

By clicking on the Level button from the game itself. It will be set in each game individually, so the Snails game can be Level1 and balloons, Level2.
Level 1 is the easiest, just normal syllables, fewer exercises and with visual aid, which is suitable for children who are starting.
Level 2 includes in some cases as the L, S or N, the reverse syllables, and other lessons add sound as in C or Q. In addition, there is no visual aid.

I have an iPad or iPhone but I don’t hear the audio application
Check the volume buttons and check that the “Mute” button is disabled.

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